Herbal Science International, Inc. founded by Dr.William Chang, L. AC.,O.M.D.,Ph.D, President, is a famous and well-known manufacturer of pure and natural Chinese herbal formulas sold all over the United States. Dr. Chang uses his specially designed, patented, low temperature vacuum reflux extraction / concentration system in the production of over 200 high quality Chinese herbal formulas. Although these outstanding formulas are designed for used by licensed acupuncturists and for doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, they are outstanding products for consumers as well. This state of the art manufacturing process makes Herbal Science one of the world's leading health food manufacturers.

Dr. William Chang graduated from China Medical College B.S. in Pharmacy and with license of Doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine. In 1983, he established Jen-On Pharmaceutical Enterprises Corporation in Los Angeles, California. Jen-On Pharmaceutical Enterprises Corporation (JOPEC) manufactures over 200 types of Chinese medicine located throughout the United States during the course of over ten years of hands on experience manufacturing Chinese herbal medicines, Dr. Chang discovered that the old conventional equipment used for the extraction and concentration of herbal essences contained many defects. In the interest of achieving a superior standard of quality in the extraction and concentration of scientifically prepared Chinese medicine, and in order to satisfy mass production requirements, Dr. Chang successfully researched, designed, and patented the WC-1 Low Temperature Vacuum Reflux Extraction-Concentration System. This system constitutes a remarkable breakthrough in the field of Chinese herbal medicine production technology. The following is a brief description of the superior features and special qualities of this system.


1. State-of-the-art automated computer system

The process is automatically controlled by a computer system regulating the temperature, pressure and process flow. This computer system makes the entire process easy to operate. Furthermore, the process of the extraction and concentration of the medicine will be recorded and documented with this automated system. The changes in temperature and pressure throughout the process are thereby minimized, thus attaining ideal standards of quality.

2. Low temperature reflux vacuum extraction and concentration

This unique design incorporates a fully automated control processor to maintain the correct product temperature by use of a "pressure / vacuum" controller which regulates the heat source throughout the production process.

a) Prevention of the occurrence of high pressure or high temperature conditions that may destroy natural herbs' active ingredients.

The conventional decoction method and the process employed by many herbal extraction operations utilize the high temperature, pressurized steam, cooking extraction method. During this process, the temperature reaches over 100 degrees Centigrade destroying the herbs' active ingredients, especially to aromatic ingredients.

b) Maximize the higher concentration ratio

Because of the high temperature extraction process, the heat often releases nonessential inactive ingredients such as starch, resin, and mucilage. Thus, the concentration ratio becomes low, and the portions of the active ingredients in the extract decreases. (Ex. Dioscorea batata, Ginseng, Pueraria contain high starch).

3. Sealed vacuum-concentration

a) As the extraction and concentration tanks concentrate the herbal solution, the evaporated, and than condensed liquid is collected in the condenser-holding tank and is re-circulated back to the extraction tank. This process increases the concentration differential. This reflux action ensures total extraction of herbs' active ingredients.

b) Because of low temperature and sealed extraction, the loss of aromatic, essential oils is reduced.

4. Simultaneous extraction and concentration process saves time & energy.

a) Because extraction and concentration tanks use the same vacuum system, extraction and concentration can process at same time, this process saves time, energy, and thus increases production.

5. High temperature and high-pressure extraction

This equipment can also be used for extraction of medicine under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions. This type of extraction is suitable for substances that do not contain aromatic, or other active ingredients that may be destroyed under high temperature or pressure.

6. High pressure steam sterilization

The extraction tank can also be used as a high-speed pressure steam sterilizer. The extraction tank has specious room for multilevel racks of herbs; these herbs can be sterilized, under temperatures of up to 250¬ĘK. for 30 minutes at pressures of 15 PSI. Some of these products would be raw medicinal herbs, herbal tea preparations, and bottle liquids.

7. Low temperature vacuum dehydration

The extraction tank can also be used as a low temperature vacuum dehydrator. Any kind of dried substance such as concentrated paste, vegetables, fruits etc., can be placed on the racks inside the extraction tank for dehydration and drying using the extraction tank's low temperature vacuum process. Because this vacuum process can eliminate wetness from the deepest layers of the concentrated paste extract, the drying is done quickly and completely. In this way, incomplete or inadequate drying, a problem encountered when using conventional high temperature ovens, can be avoided.

8. The concentration tank has following unique features:

a) The design of the concentration tank is like a shallow pan. Because of the tank's large vapor surface area, evaporation occurs rapidly.

b) Steam jacket heating system uniformly heats tank bottom & sides. Adjustable speed agitator prevents sticking on bottom and sides of concentration tank.

9. No loss of ingredients during the recycle cleaning collection

When collecting the concentrated paste, there is absolutely no loss of ingredients. After the most concentrated paste liquid is removed from the bottom of the tank, the residue is completely flushed using clear water, which may be recovered and recycled.

10. The use of Explosion-proof motors and controls allows for Alcohol extraction

a) Motor pumps and switches are constructed using explosion-proof technology. Pure alcohol and alcohol with water can be used as solvent for extraction.

b) An alcohol recovery facility can refine the process alcohol.

11. Thin film evaporator for increased concentration

a) An additional evaporator is added to the concentration tank to decrease production time.

b) The speed of this evaporation reduces damage to active ingredients.

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